• What are the benefits of using a lighting balloon over conventional lighting? Are they environmentally friendly?

The lighting balloons are decorative and can reinforce your brand with the use of logos and colour jackets. They can be arranged in visually interesting ways. They are dimmable and can create a beautiful ambience. They provide light indoor and outdoor.

Airstar lighting balloons have a soft quality of light, are stylish and can be a powerful marketing tool. They provide glare-free and shadow-free 360° illumination! One balloon is much more energy efficient than multiple conventional lights: 1 x 2kw balloon compared to 4 x 1kw conventional lights for 360°. So less power and less greenhouse emission.  They are quick and easy to set-up with less structural requirement (eg. trusses) resulting inefficiency in manpower and time.

  • Should we use air-filled or helium filled lighting balloon?

It really depends on the location, layout and purpose. Air filled balloons are more wind resistance and cost effective.

Helium can operate at greater height and light up a larger area. They are ideal in large indoor venues where conventional rigging is not possible. For outdoor need to consider wind factor. Helium is also a more expensive execution due to the cost.

  • How much do they cost to hire? What is included? Are they for sale?

Lighting balloons can be hired for one day, one week or longer periods of time. Significant economies are achieved over multiple days and/or units.  Locations, set-ups and objectives for each client vary greatly and we discuss each event and customize a lighting/decorative/branding solution for each project. Hire costs include the lighting balloons, stands, cabling, installation by experienced and specialist technicians plus dismantling.

For events and branding, most clients choose to hire the balloons. The Industrial/Search & Rescue sectors generally purchase the lighting balloons but may also hire, depending on requirements.

  • Can the balloons/furniture have logo branding?

We print and attach logos to the lighting balloons or furniture from your logo file. Usually 1 to 2 logos are applied based on the requirement. Logos are an additional cost which varies with size, colour & complexity of design. Logos are removed at the completion of each event, so the lighting balloon is ready for the next job.

  • What shapes & sizes do you have?

As we have many types of products, please visit our product page for more details.

  • How are they installed? What are my options?

Our price includes installation on stands which are height adjustable – there are a variety of stands we use in different situations (Pole with “skirt”, flat base plates, etc). However the possibilities are endless: we can hang, attach, position in trees, create pathways, mount on machinery and some products will float on water. Usually we do a site inspection to discuss options and assess access and requirements.

  • Will they make photography at my event difficult?

Quite the contrary! Airstar lighting balloons are glare-free and enhance skin tone – they are used widely in fashion shows around the world and photographers love them! And a bonus – social media uploads are rampant!

  • Can I or my team set-up the lighting balloons?

No. We prefer to ensure the success and safety of your lighting requirements by using specialist Airstar technicians for setting-up and removing the lighting balloons.

  • How far in advance do I need to book lighting balloon hire?

We appreciate as much lead-time as possible. However, we are able to respond quickly to most requests – often within a week and sometimes within days! Ideally, a month or more is recommended to ensure stock is available.

  • Do they have special power requirements?

The balloons plug into normal 240v household power points and are very energy efficient. The lamps can be using 1800w or 2400w with dimmable options. For events with more complicated set-ups, we can assist with cabling and power distribution solutions, etc.

  • Are the lighting balloons safe?

Yes, Airstar lighting balloons are the safest you can find in the market. The in-built safety system will detect any loss of pressure in the envelope and if so, will automatically switch off the light. The envelope is made from a non-flammable, rip stop material that is not hot to touch. They are air inflated and run very quietly. For helium balloons, we use only pure helium gas from certified supplier.

  • Are the products insured?

The client/hirer is responsible for the security of the equipment that we supply and will be responsible for any theft, loss or damage.

  • Do the lighting balloons need any permits?

In general, no.  Any site/event specific permits are the responsibility of the client/hirer.

  • What are your payment terms? How can I pay?

We require a deposit to confirm the booking and the balance after the event. All bookings are subject to our standard terms & conditions.