Lighting Balloons

Airstar lighting balloons are made of special translucent material that are Certified Fire Retardant. They can be inflated with air or helium and contain high wattage lamps that diffuse a magical glare-free 360° lighting. Each balloon is equipped with an internal safety device and bears an international patent.

Easy to use and safe, our products have almost no limitation:

  • Up in the air to illuminate a large area
  • On stand for strong visibility
  • On the ground or suspended to create a special ambience

“Airstar is your best source for exciting innovation at the intersection of lighting, design and technology”

Events & Branding

Point up your brand, illuminate a large area, indicate a spot, give direction or create a beautiful atmosphere for your event. The lighting balloons can also be used with vinyl stickers and colour jackets for branding and advertising purposes. Airstar offers more than just a product, we offer lighting and décor solutions for events.

“Lighting and décor solutions for events

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Crystal (Air-Filled)

Lunix (Helium Filled)

Backpack Balloons

Film & TV

Airstar continues to be a leader and innovator in the field of lighting balloons for film and television, with new products being researched and developed every day. From low-profile lights for use in lower ceiling applications to the continuous development of new shapes designed for use in windy or other special situations, Airstar continues to push the limits of imagination in both film and event lighting. Find out more about the balloon lights that production companies call on when they want lighting done right.

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The Airstar line of Industrial and Safety lighting are ideally suited for environments that suffer from vibration, because of the solid materials used in their construction. They produce glare-free light in 360 degrees unlike conventional lights allowing work to be done in any direction safely without UV ray exposure.

The Sirocco lighting system allows increased traffic flow safety; create a safe work environment while reducing maintenance and energy consumption. Our safety lights have become the go-to lights for many of the largest construction projects around the world, including large-scale rescue and recovery efforts, as well as major events worldwide.

“See clearly, Work better”

Search & Rescue

Airstar has brought a precise solution to the needs of the clients who use light for any security application including, but not limited to search and rescue, emergency services, road paving, police and forensic, traffic management. Airstar lighting balloon provides light that create the necessary environment for working in good safe conditions. Ease of set up coupled with multiple accessory options such as stands, pole mounts and vehicle mounts allow our lights to be adaptable for any situation. Airstar units can be easily moved to other areas of the rescue site without having to be deflated and re-installed. Airstar lighting balloons provide safer and more comfortable visual conditions on the sites.

“The alternative to conventional lighting system”

Inflatable Balloons

Also known as Evo, these inflatable balloons can float on water and they are definitely one of the most unexpected decoration that can awe any audience.

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LED Furniture

Our wide range of led furniture are perfect to set the mood at your event be it indoor or outdoor. Stand out and let your guest be amazed by the glow and illumination.

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Break Bar

Straight & Corner Bar

Snack Bar

Peak Table

Snake Bench

Wireless LED Lighting

The most advanced and powerful battery powered LED for event lighting. The LED lights are quick and easy to set-up, colour and effects can be easily programmed and launched using a remote control. All lights can be controlled by a simple-yet-powerful app that lets you create and send various effects to complement all styles and designs.

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