Lunix (Helium Filled)

Lunix balloon come in a variety of sizes starting from 2m in diameter. They are helium filled which are used mainly for short term events and for that “magical” effect when the balloon floats up into the air lighting up a large area.

    • Diameter
    • 2m Ø; 3m Ø or bigger; or bigger
    • Shape
    • Round
    • Lamps
    • Halogen (warm light 3200°K)
    • Wattage
    • 4000W or higher
    • Area
    • 5000 m² or larger
    • Envelope
    • Made of fire retardant fabric, air tight, waterproof and UV Protection
    • Lighting
    • 360° diffused and Glare-Free lighting
    • Safety
    • Equipped with Safety Micro Switch to cut power when balloon deflates
    • Resistant
    • 40km/h
    • Standard
    • CE Mark and IP54
    • Advantages
    • Can be indoor and outdoor