Break Bar

Can be used as single piece, 3pcs makes a semi-circle, 6pcs makes a full circle. Break bar makes great combination with Ice bar.

    • Dimension
    • 180 L x 70 W x 110 H (cm) (α 60°)
    • Shape
    • -
    • Lamps
    • RGBW LED
    • Wattage
    • 20W
    • Power
    • Battery Operated up to 8 to 12 hours depending of color and intensity
    • Material
    • Shock, UV, Chlorine and Salt resistant Thermo Plastic
    • Lighting
    • Can be DMX wireless controlled to change colours or pre-set programs. Battery operated, no cabling or power supply required.
    • Advantages
    • Can be used indoor or outdoor. No cabling required and batteries re-chargeable. Modular and portable to create various shapes and combinations. Good for all kinds of events, garden or poolside parties, be it corporate or private